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Active Squirtz Aventures Bring Healthy Fun to Mackay’s Rivers Wharves

Active Squirtz Aventures Bring Healthy Fun to Mackay's Rivers Wharves
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Promoting Healthy Living for the Little Ones

Mackay’s Rivers Wharves will be bustling with energy and giggles this Wednesday as Active Squirtz Adventures gears up for a morning of lively, health-focused activities.

Supported by the Mackay Regional Council, this initiative aims to educate and engage 2 to 6-year-old Squirtz in the importance of healthy food choices and staying active.

Action-Packed Adventures for Tiny Tots

Active Squirtz Adventures offers 30 minutes of dynamic action, introducing children to 35-themed adventures that foster healthy habits and movement.

These programs cater to various ability levels, emphasising a non-competitive, educational, and imaginative environment.

With activities like “Terrific Moving Machines” and “Roaring Dinosaurs,” children not only learn about healthy nutrition but also get their bodies moving in creative ways.

The programme’s emphasis on healthy options, supported by the vibrant, engaging equipment used, sets the stage for a lifetime of good choices.

Bringing Healthy Habits to Life

Active Squirtz leaders, known for their positivity and enthusiasm, create an encouraging atmosphere where children thrive.

Every adventure serves as a motivational tool, encouraging kids to choose healthy options beneficial for both body and mind, allowing them to lead their happiest, most fun-filled lives.

Wellness Wrapped in Fun

Active Squirtz Aventures, taking place at Rivers Wharves, promises a blend of joy and education, where little ones learn the importance of healthy living through exciting activities.

Supported by Mackay’s Waterfront Make Your Place Grant, this initiative is a testament to the city’s dedication to promoting a vibrant, healthy community right from the start.