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Mackay Festival of Arts: Calling all Creators

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Artistic Showcase for 2024 Festival Program Cover Design

The Mackay Festivals team is igniting a creative blaze, inviting artists of all stripes to vie for the coveted spot on the 2024 Mackay Festival of Arts program cover.

The winning artwork, embracing the theme ‘Festival Fever,’ will not only grace the program but set the visual tone for the entire event.

A chance to win $1000 and become the festival’s visual muse

This thrilling competition beckons everyone, from seasoned designers to budding creatives, to offer a generous $1000 cash prise alongside the accolade of being the face of the festival.

The selected masterpiece will not only bedeck the program cover but also inspire the festival’s branding, amplifying the artist’s reach and recognition.

Local Artistry Spotlight: Mayor’s Endorsement and Coordinator’s Artistic Vision

Mayor Greg Williamson lauds this opportunity as a platform to champion local artistry within the fabric of the Mackay Festival of Arts, accentuating the celebration of regional culture through a vibrant canvas of creativity.

Festival and Events Coordinator Sarah Porter envisions the program as a collectable piece of art, aiming to encapsulate the essence of ‘Festival Fever’ in a visually striking and evocative manner.

Interpreting ‘Festival Fever’ in Your Unique Palette

The competition, poised as a natural progression for the festival, encourages participants to interpret the theme uniquely, encapsulating their flair and vision.

As Sarah Porter aptly suggests, it’s an invitation to infuse the canvas with vivacious colours and unbridled creativity.

Applications, closing on December 3, 2023, beckon talents to seize this chance, transforming Festival Fever into an artistic masterpiece.

This competition stands as a testament to Mackay’s thriving arts community, inviting all to contribute their distinct artistic fervour to the festival’s vibrant tapestry.

Visit for guidelines and the application process.