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Mackay’s Ban-Na Thai Restaurant: Winner of City Heart’s Festive Window Competition

Mackay's Ban-Na Thai Restaurant: Winner of City Heart's Festive Window Competition
Image courtesy of Facebook | Ban-Na Thai Restaurant

Bringing Thai Delights to Mackay’s Heart

In a delightful celebration of the festive season, Ban-Na Thai Restaurant has clinched the coveted City Heart Magical Christmas Window Competition, decking their establishment with a mesmerising yuletide display.

Annie and her team’s creative touch cast a spellbinding Christmas ambience, enchanting both passersby and diners within.

A Culinary Tapestry of Vibrant Thai Flavours

This small family-owned gem, flourishing in Mackay since 1996, boasts the city’s widest array of Thai cuisine.

Their menu, a tapestry of vibrant flavours, is crafted from locally sourced, fresh ingredients, infusing authenticity into each dish.

From the beloved Pad Thai to the rich, aromatic Massaman curry, every plate promises an unparalleled taste journey.

A Wholesome Experience Amid Traditional Thai Charms

Nestled in Mackay’s heart, Ban-Na Restaurant isn’t just about flavourful dishes. It’s an immersive experience, adorned with traditional Thai décor that adds to its charm.

Moreover, catering to diverse tastes, their selection includes enticing options for vegetarians and vegans, ensuring a delightful meal for all.

Affordable Indulgence and Guided Culinary Journeys

Beyond its culinary prowess, Ban-Na’s affordability and generous portions beckon both locals and visitors seeking an authentic Thai dining escapade.

The passionate staff, steeped in knowledge, eagerly guide patrons through their tantalising menu, adding an extra dash of allure to the experience.

Recognising Excellence: A Gift of Appreciation for Ban-Na

This recent triumph at the City Heart competition not only highlights Ban-Na’s dedication to infusing festive cheer but also underscores their commitment to becoming a cornerstone of Mackay’s culinary scene. 

Mayor Greg Williamson and Johnny from Star 101.9 Mackay honoured Ban-Na with a $2000 radio package, an acknowledgement of their contribution to the city’s vibrant culture.