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New Direct Flights Connect Mackay and Gold Coast for Holiday Havoc

New Direct Flights Connect Mackay and Gold Coast for Holiday Havoc
Image courtesy of Facebook | Mackay Airport

Explore Coastal Marvels and Untouched Nature with Ease

Mackay’s skies are abuzz with excitement as Fly Bonza heralds a new era of travel, linking the vibrant city to the Gold Coast with direct flights, offering convenience and adventure for just $59* one way.

Unlocking Boundless Opportunities

The inauguration of thrice-weekly flights—scheduled on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday—ushers in unparalleled ease for travellers seeking escapades between Mackay’s natural wonders and the vibrant allure of the Gold Coast.

Reviving Connections, Igniting Exploration

A decade since the last direct service, this revival ignites fresh possibilities for both regions, fostering a reciprocal flow of tourists and boosting economic prospects.

Adrian Miles, Head of Operations at Mackay Airport, shares,These flights are a gateway for festive holiday plans, enabling Queenslanders to explore the diverse offerings of both destinations.

Unveiling Unique Charms

While Gold Coast locals anticipate Mackay’s untouched coastal splendours and exceptional fishing, Mackay residents eye the Gold Coast’s adventure parks and renowned surf breaks.

The two regions, distinct in their offerings, now share a seamless connection.

An Economic Surge

The timing couldn’t be better; these flights are expected to inject vitality into the local economy, especially during the extended festive holiday period.

Visitors now have more opportunities to extend their stay, amplifying the economic ripple effect.

Seize the Opportunity

For just $59, travellers can now easily traverse these two coastal paradises, booking their tickets hassle-free via the Fly Bonza app.

As Mackay embraces this new era of connectivity, the convergence of coastal marvels and untouched nature awaits eager adventurers.

Pack your bags, embrace the convenience, and unlock the allure of these enchanting destinations.

The stage is set. The flights are ready—the adventure beckons.