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Revitalising Mackay’s City Centre with Palm Tree Maintenance

Revitalising Mackay's City Centre with Palm Tree Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance to Enhance City Aesthetics

Mackay’s City Centre is set for a refreshing transformation as council staff gear up for a meticulously planned palm tree maintenance initiative. 

Starting November 21st, this scheduled overhaul aims to breathe new life into the heart of the city.

A Detailed Tree Revival Plan

Arborists will meticulously attend to the trees on Wood, Victoria, Sydney, Macalister, and Nelson streets, as well as Matsuura Drive and Mangrove Road.

The meticulous process involves pruning dead fronds, shaving trunks, cutting away fruit stalks, and removing seed pods, ensuring a cleaner, safer environment.

Outlining City-Wide Improvements

Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 25th, as Sydney Street undergoes its rejuvenation, strategically planned to minimise disruptions amidst bustling weekday traffic. The project, anticipated to conclude by November 30th, remains subject to weather conditions.

With full traffic control in place and minimal disruptions anticipated, residents are urged to adhere to council staff and traffic control officers’ directives, ensuring a smooth execution of this urban enhancement initiative.

Fusing Functionality with Beauty: Mackay’s Urban Renaissance

This endeavour stands as a crucial part of the council’s annual maintenance program, demonstrating a commitment to not only preserving but elevating the city’s allure.

By intertwining practicality with aesthetics, Mackay’s City Centre is poised to bloom afresh, offering residents and visitors a revitalised, inviting urban landscape.