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Sarina Community Thrives Through School Support Program

Sarina Community Thrives Through School Support Program

Partnership between Sarina Neighbourhood Centre and Daly Bay Empowers Students

In a heartening collaboration, the Sarina Neighbourhood Centre and Daly Bay have joined forces to aid hundreds of students in their return to school.

The Sarina District School Assistance Program, through financial aid, has supported 260 students from 40 families facing financial challenges in securing essential school items.

Daly Bay’s Vital Role in Supporting Sarina’s Students

This initiative, crucial for many families, distributed vouchers, ensuring students could acquire uniforms and necessary booklist items. Mayor Greg Williamson acknowledged Daly Bay’s significant contribution, highlighting its pivotal role in amplifying support for the community.

The escalating demand for assistance underscores the increasing financial strain on households, doubling the number of students aided compared to the previous year.

CEO Steve Rae of Daly Bay emphasised the program’s impact on a child’s educational journey, stressing the importance of a complete book list and uniform in shaping a positive academic experience.

Upholding Equality and Academic Success in Sarina’s Schools

Testimonials from beneficiaries resonate deeply, emphasising the program’s profound effect on families facing financial adversity.

The support has eased the burden of expenses, enabling families to start the academic year on a brighter note.

The P&C Association at Koumala lauded the program for not only providing uniforms but also fostering self-esteem and unity among students, eradicating visible differences in socioeconomic backgrounds.

Beyond easing financial strains, the program’s impact reverberates in improved student attendance, engagement, and academic performance. 

Empowering Youth Through Collaborative Educational Support

It stands as a testament to the community’s resilience and collective commitment to nurturing the educational journey of its youth.

This collaborative effort exemplifies the power of community partnerships in ensuring equal access to educational resources, setting the stage for a more inclusive and promising academic environment.