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Souths Leagues Club Mackay Continues Its Generosity: Seeking Charities for 2024

Souths Leagues Club Mackay Continues Its Generosity: Seeking Charities for 2024
Image courtesy of Facebook | Souths Leagues Club Mackay

Mackay locals, it’s your time to nominate! Souths Leagues Club Mackay is on a mission to extend its philanthropic arm, searching for charities that need support in 2024.

Your voice counts – if you’re part of an organisation or know of one in dire need, drop their name.

Empowering Local Causes

In the past fiscal year, Souths Leagues Club Mackay has exemplified community spirit, donating a staggering $932,576.00 to various charities.

The commitment extends beyond words, with actionable initiatives like donating a portion of each entree and coffee and cake sales, coupled with strategically placed donation tins and wishing wells across the club.

Your Chance to Make a Difference

With nine slots waiting to be filled, this is the call to action.

Your local charity could be the next beneficiary of Souths Leagues Club Mackay’s generosity.

Every nomination counts, propelling impactful change within the Mackay community.

The Heart of Mackay’s Generosity

This ongoing initiative echoes the spirit of Mackay itself—a community known for its solidarity and unwavering support.

Souths Leagues Club Mackay’s commitment mirrors the resilience and compassion inherent in the Australian ethos, fostering a culture of giving that resonates throughout the region.

Join the Movement

It’s time to rally behind this noble cause. Your participation is pivotal in sculpting a brighter future for those in need.

Nominate, share, and be a part of Souths Leagues Club Mackay’s endeavour to uplift the community.

Underlined boldly, this charitable pursuit intertwines Souths Leagues Club Mackay’s philanthropy with the fabric of Mackay’s soul. As nominations open, seize the chance to uplift local causes and be the catalyst for positive change.