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A Strategic Move: Mackay Base Hospital Helipad Relocation

A Strategic Move: Mackay Base Hospital Helipad Relocation
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Mackay Base Hospital Set for a $250 Million Expansion

In a significant development for Mackay’s healthcare, the $250 million expansion of Mackay Base Hospital is set to commence next month.

The expansion, managed by BESIXWatpac, will add 128 beds, additional paediatric beds, a new ward with a co-located Ronald McDonald Family Room, and expanded maternity services.

Temporary Helipad Relocation to Mackay Airport

To ensure the safety of patients and helicopter crews during the construction phase, the hospital’s helipad will be temporarily relocated to Mackay Airport.

The decision, based on intensive consultations and expert advice, aims to meet aviation and critical care requirements.

Prioritising Patient Safety and Comfort

Helen Darch, Chair of Mackay Hospital and Health Board, emphasised the commitment to transparent consultation and patient safety.

The decision-making process considered clinical, environmental, aviation, and technical aspects, involving independent experts and extensive stakeholder engagement.

Rigours Assessment of Potential Landing Sites

An assessment report evaluated 21 locations at 19 potential landing sites, adhering to relevant legislation, safety standards, and landing requirements for different-sized helicopters.

Factors like distance to the hospital, lighting, security, and patient privacy were meticulously analysed.

Mackay Airport: The Optimal Choice

The decision to relocate the helipad to Mackay Airport was bolstered by existing safety procedures and the volume of patient movements through the airport.

Discussions with the ambulance service, Mackay Airport, and CQ Rescue are underway to ensure a seamless transition.

Support from Medical Experts and Queensland Health

The decision garnered support from medical experts within Mackay, Queensland, and external sources.

Queensland Health endorsed the move, highlighting the critical care continuum starting from the initial patient contact.

Susan Gannon, Mackay HHS Chief Executive, stressed the importance of providing immediate care to critical patients in ambulances rather than on trolleys.

Queensland Ambulance Service Ensures Timely Patient Transfer

The Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) affirmed its commitment to patient safety and timely care.

A dedicated ambulance vehicle at the helicopter base will facilitate the swift transfer of incoming patients to Mackay Base Hospital.

The temporary relocation of the helipad to Mackay Airport aligns with the overarching goal of prioritising patient safety, ensuring uninterrupted critical care, and facilitating the hospital’s expansion.

This strategic move underscores Mackay’s dedication to healthcare excellence.

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