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AMP! Grants Bring Vibrancy to Mackay: Transforming Public Spaces

AMP! Grants Bring Vibrancy to Mackay: Transforming Public Spaces
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Community Initiatives Awarded Funding to Enhance Mackay’s Atmosphere

Mackay, known for its thriving community spirit, is set to witness a surge of vibrancy through the Activate My Place! (AMP!) Grants.

Three diverse projects, awarded funding by the council, aim to invigorate public spaces, foster togetherness, and celebrate local talent.

Transforming Mackay’s Community Landscape

Mayor Greg Williamson expressed enthusiasm for the transformative impact of the AMP! Grant, highlighting its role in creating captivating hubs.These activations will bring our community together, driving economic development and igniting pride in our region,” Mayor Williamson shared.

Creativity, Culture, and Community Engagement

The Bee Mindful Mural Project, receiving $12,170, is set to grace Wood Street Park with a bee-themed mural, honouring ‘World Bee Day’ and emphasising the park’s significance as a bee pollination ground.

Grasstree Grooves, supported by $7,000, promises a series of beachside events at Grasstree Beach. Dining, entertainment, and a community talent showcase will adorn the foreshore, fostering a lively atmosphere.

The Northern Beaches Community Activation, granted $10,829, plans a nine-day extravaganza. This event aims to spotlight local businesses, services, and activities in the burgeoning Northern Beaches area, featuring fitness sessions, children’s activities, and a community-driven pop-up library.

AMP! Grants Enriching Community Bonds

These initiatives, strategically spread across Mackay, promise excitement for all community members.

They exemplify the collaborative approach of the AMP! Grants reinforce the connection between people and their surroundings.

Projects Fueling Community Spirit

As Mackay continues to evolve, these projects serve as catalysts, not just enlivening public spaces but also nurturing a deeper sense of belonging. 

They stand as testaments to the city’s commitment to community enrichment and inclusive growth.

The diverse range of activities showcased through these grants embodies Mackay’s dynamism, offering something for everyone while fostering a sense of unity and pride.