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Bridging Gaps in Palliative Care for Australians

Bridging Gaps in Palliative Care for Australians

Advocates for individuals under 65 facing palliative care challenges under the NDIS are finally seeing progress. Palliative Care Australia (PCA) is optimistic about the potential for positive changes in the near future.

Addressing Critical Gaps

Camilla Rowland, CEO of PCA, highlights the pressing issue: “People under 65 with terminal illnesses are slipping through the cracks between the NDIS, aged care, and health systems. These vulnerable individuals require essential daily living and functional care supports.”

The Push for Immediate Solutions

PCA, alongside partners like the Peace of Mind Foundation, has been actively engaging with government officials, including Minister Shorten, to address these gaps. While long-term solutions are in the works, immediate action is needed to provide care to those in urgent need.

A Call for Urgent Action

With hopes pinned on the upcoming Federal Budget in May, PCA urges the government to allocate funds for immediate solutions outlined in their proposal. This plan, costing $77.6 million over three years, aims to assist at least 3,000 individuals and families.

Reaching Out for Support

Individuals under 65 facing barriers to NDIS support are encouraged to connect with PCA. Rowland emphasises the importance of carers, family members, clinicians, and health services reaching out for assistance.

Looking Ahead

As advocates continue to push for a fairer and more sustainable system, there is cautious optimism that tangible solutions are on the horizon. In the meantime, every effort is being made to ensure that those in need receive the care and support they deserve.

Initial inquiries to PCA can be made via

PCA’s 2024 Federal Budget Submission outlines a number of immediate and long-term actions to resolve this issue, not just for the brain cancer community but anyone under 65 years old with a life-limiting illness.

A two-page summary as well as PCA’s full 2024 Federal Budget Submission is available on the PCA website.