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Finch Hatton MTB Trails: A Global Adventure in Mackay’s Backyard

Finch Hatton MTB Trails: A Global Adventure in Mackay's Backyard
Image courtesy of LinkedIn | Mackay Regional Council

Santa’s Festive Test Ride and the Birth of a Trail Brand

Santa Claus has made an early pit stop in Mackay, joyously shredding through the newly unveiled Finch Hatton Mountain Bike Trails.

The town’s festive cheer wasn’t just limited to Santa’s visit; it was the launching pad for a brand-new promise to the world of mountain biking.

Unveiling Finch Hatton MTB: Crafting a Tropical Adventure

In a spirited event at the Finch Hatton RSL, the Finch Hatton MTB brand was unveiled, promising a tropical adventure.

This brand, meticulously crafted by Destination Marketing Store (DMS) and Swell Design Group, signifies not just the trails but the essence of the region: fun, adventure, and the great outdoors.

Beyond a Brand: The Economic Impact

Mayor Greg Williamson hailed the brand as a representation of the community spirit and the essence of mountain biking.

More than a mere symbol, the Finch Hatton MTB brand is a gateway to a booming economic future for Mackay.

Trail’s Promise of Growth and Adventure

When fully operational, these trails are estimated to attract 31,000 new visitors, inject $18.1 million into the local economy, and create over 100 full-time jobs.

Stage one, set to open before Christmas, includes a 13.5-kilometre trail, promising an adrenaline-filled experience in Finch Hatton.

Uniting Community and Adventure

This brand isn’t just about attracting visitors; it’s about uniting the Mackay community and adventure enthusiasts worldwide.

Extensive consultation and engagement with locals, businesses, and riders have birthed a brand that resonates globally while staying rooted in the town’s identity.

Putting Mackay on the Adventure Map

As Mayor Williamson pointed out, Finch Hatton MTB isn’t just a trail network; it’s a cultural symbol that puts Mackay on the adventure tourism map.

The festive ride by Santa wasn’t just a jolly affair; it marked the beginning of an exhilarating journey for Finch Hatton—a journey that promises economic growth, cultural unity, and a global adventure in Mackay’s backyard.

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