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Honouring the Past: Badyari Yalu Road Unveiled

Honouring the Past: Badyari Yalu Road Unveiled
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A significant chapter in Mackay’s history finds a poignant tribute with the unveiling of Badyari Yalu Road, gracing the Northern Beaches Community Hub site.

This new road, previously known as J4, holds deeper resonance as it honours the memory of young lives lost during a sombre era.

Cultural Acknowledgement

Chosen by the traditional owners, the road’s name, Badyari Yalu, resonates profoundly, as it translates to “little child” in the Yuwi Aboriginal language.

This heartfelt choice reflects a deep respect and commemoration for the children who tragically lost their lives during the operation of an orphanage in the region.

Mayor Greg Williamson emphasised the importance of involving the Yuwibara people in selecting a name that resonates with the area’s history. Their strong familial ties and connection to the land made their contribution not just fitting but invaluable.

Symbol of Remembrance

Deb Clark and Aunty Veronica Ahwang, Yuwi language knowledge holders, highlighted the road’s significance.

It serves not only as a practical access point but also as a poignant reminder of Mackay’s early history, ensuring that the memory of those children and their untold stories remain acknowledged and respected.

The naming of Badyari Yalu Road marks a pivotal step in acknowledging and educating individuals about the region’s past, fostering a shared understanding as Mackay progresses towards the future.

Moving Forward with Respect

Now accessible to the public, Badyari Yalu Road stands as a symbol of remembrance and a commitment to truth-telling. Its presence serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts made to honour the past while forging a path towards a more inclusive and enlightened future for all who traverse its path.

This road isn’t just a thoroughfare; it’s a bridge between history and the present, allowing us to navigate forward while honouring the past with dignity and respect.

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