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Mackay’s Rugby Talent Shines: Chelsea McLeod and Alisha Foord Join Forces

Mackay's Rugby Talent Shines: Chelsea McLeod and Alisha Foord Join Forces
Image courtesy of Facebook | Mackay Cutters

A Dynamic Duo Emerges

In a significant move, the Mackay Cutters proudly announced the signing of rising star Chelsea McLeod and the re-signing of the formidable Alisha Foord.

This dynamic duo is set to make waves in the rugby world, bringing their exceptional skills and dedication to the forefront.

From Junior Pathways to BMD Squad

Chelsea McLeod’s journey is a testament to the strength of Mackay’s junior pathways.

Having honed her talents within the local system for several years, McLeod has now earned her spot in the prestigious BMD squad.

Her promotion is not only a personal triumph but also a reflection of Mackay’s commitment to nurturing and developing local talent.

Alisha Foord Returns with NRLW Experience

A familiar face in Mackay’s rugby scene, Alisha Foord, makes a triumphant return after a successful stint with the 2023 team. 

Notably, Foord has expanded her horizons, making her NRLW debut with the Cowboys. Her re-signing underscores the club’s confidence in her prowess and the positive impact she brings to the team.

Mackay’s Rugby Landscape and the Global Stage

Mackay’s success in nurturing and attracting top-tier talent reflects not only in the local leagues but also on the global stage.

The signing of McLeod and Foord reinforces Mackay’s status as a breeding ground for rugby excellence, echoing the spirit of the broader Australian market.

Mackay’s rugby enthusiasts can anticipate an exhilarating season ahead as Chelsea McLeod and Alisha Foord bring their skills, experience, and determination to the forefront, adding a touch of local flair to the national rugby scene.