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Mackay Opens Doors: Empowering Voices and Building Networks

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Rights and Connection in One Go!

A breath of fresh air wafts through Mackay as it plays host to two pioneering events, thanks to the tireless efforts of the “Power to You” team, sponsored by an Information, Linkages, and Capacity Building (ILC) Grant from the Department of Social Services. On the 16th and 17th of May 2024, Gregory Street becomes the nexus for empowerment and inclusion, inviting locals to participate in events specially designed for people with disabilities.

Disability Provider Capacity Building & Networking – A Step Towards Autonomy

The first event, set for the morning of May 16th, isn’t just about tea and biscuits. Under the expert guidance of Tracie-Lee Little, with over two decades of experience in human rights and inclusion, attendees can expect a deep dive into fostering self-determination among those with intellectual disabilities. Marissa Carlyon adds her extensive knowledge of rights-based practice in the disability sector to the mix, ensuring a session rich with insights on supported decision-making and inclusivity. To register for this event, click here

Find Your Voice! – Sing Your Heart Out

Following closely on May 17th, is the “Find Your Voice!” workshop. It promises an uplifting blend of music, dance, and song, led by Allycia Staples, a seasoned performer and advocate for self-expression. Alongside Tracie-Lee Little, they aim to bolster confidence through performing arts, creating an avenue for attendees to shine and connect in a supportive environment. To register for the workshop, click here

Mackay’s Moment

It’s not every day that opportunities like these knock on your door. Both events underscore a unique approach to disability support, focusing on rights and active participation—a sentiment that resonates deeply within the Mackay community. These gatherings are more than just events; they are stepping stones to a more inclusive society, mirroring Mackay’s commitment to nurturing every member of its community.

Be Part of the Change

Interested participants should remember that registration is a must for these free, fully catered events. With limited spots available, securing a place is essential to experience this exceptional blend of community support and personal empowerment. Click here to register for the networking event and here for the singing workshop.