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Mackay Secures Spotlight as Host for 2024 Australian Regional Tourism Convention

Mackay Secures Spotlight as Host for 2024 Australian Regional Tourism Convention
Image courtesy of Facebook | Australian Regional Tourism

Celebrating Mackay’s Thriving Tourism and Economic Growth

Mackay, Queensland, is set to become the focal point of Australia’s regional tourism as it hosts the prestigious 2024 Australian Regional Tourism Convention from October 9–11.

This honour reflects the Mackay Regional Council’s commitment to propelling regional tourism, driving economic growth, and bolstering the local tourism industry.

Nature’s Abode: Mackay’s Unique Appeal

Nestled in the heart of Queensland, Mackay boasts Australia’s longest stretch of subtropical rainforest and stands as a historic hub for sugarcane farming.

The region’s dedication to offering exceptional experiences has propelled its tourism industry forward, making it a thriving destination.

Council’s Commitment Recognised

Joel Chadwick, Chair of Australian Regional Tourism, expressed excitement about collaborating with Mackay Regional Council for the convention.

Mayor Greg Williamson emphasised that hosting this premier event is a testament to Mackay being the “best place in Australia to live, work, and invest.

Driving Investment and Sustainable Growth

Mayor Williamson acknowledged the integral role that tourism businesses play in driving investment, supporting sustainable growth, and creating jobs in Mackay.

The council is committed to showcasing the region’s outstanding and award-winning tourism ventures.

A Pivotal Gathering for the Industry

The Australian Regional Tourism Convention is a cornerstone event for local councils, regional tourism organisations, and government personnel. 

With attendance surging to over 200 delegates in recent years, the convention is a testament to the growing interest in advancing Australia’s regional tourism sector.

Shaping the Future of Regional Tourism

Delegates from every sector of the industry will convene, fostering collaboration and seeking solutions to shared challenges.

The event, made possible by supportive sponsors, is a platform for connecting, sharing ideas, and engaging in discussions that will shape the future of regional tourism in Australia.

Unite for a Brighter Future

The 2024 Australian Regional Tourism Convention is not just an event; it’s a pivotal initiative to drive regional tourism growth, encourage collaboration, and lead the way towards a brighter future for Australia’s regional communities.

Save the date and be part of shaping the destiny of regional tourism in Australia.

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