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Storm Netball Club Mackay: Building Strong Foundations in Australian Youth Sports

Storm Netball Club Mackay: Building Strong Foundations in Australian Youth Sports
Image courtesy of Facebook | Storm Netball Club Mackay Inc

Discover the Excitement of Netball for Your Child

Looking for a dynamic and engaging sport for your child in Mackay? Storm Netball Club Mackay is recruiting boys and girls aged 7–10 for their modified competition, offering a fantastic entry point into the world of netball.

Netball: A Global Phenomenon

Netball, played by over 20 million people across 80 countries, stands as the most popular sport for females in Australia.

Beyond the thrill of the game, it offers significant benefits for young players, enhancing cardio fitness, balance, and coordination.

The sport also fosters teamwork and builds lasting relationships.

Storm Mackay: A Legacy of Strength and Success

Established in January 2018, Storm Netball Club Mackay has rapidly evolved into a powerhouse in the Mackay Netball Association. 

Initially envisioned with a Premier League team, the club quickly expanded to three senior teams, showcasing their strength, loyalty, and success ethos.

From Inception to Triumph

Under the leadership of the inaugural executive team—President Paul Arnold, Secretary Sophie Arnold, and Treasurer Emma Rostron—Storm Netball Club Mackay has flourished.

Their premier league success and a Grand Finalist Division 6 team garnered community attention, leading to the expansion to ten teams in 2019, including six junior teams.

Growing Strong 

As of 2022, Storm Mackay boasts over 180 members, fielding 19 teams donning their distinctive pink and navy uniforms. This includes the Premier League, seven senior teams, and eleven junior teams. 

The club’s emphasis on character, loyalty, and success has built a strong foundation, ensuring that every member feels part of the valued Storm family.

To explore the exciting world of netball with Storm Mackay, contact them via their Facebook page or visit their website for more information.