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Mackay’s December Nights: Road Resurfacing Underway

Mackay's December Nights: Road Resurfacing Underway

Fulton Hogan, in collaboration with the Council, gears up for an asphalt revamp across key Mackay roads.

Throughout December, the Mackay region will witness a transformative facelift as Fulton Hogan, a council contractor, embarks on a series of asphalt resurfacing projects.

The initiative aims to refurbish several roads, promising smoother travel and enhanced road safety for residents and visitors alike.

Revamp Rendezvous

Starting December 6 and spanning until December 21, designated roads will undergo a makeover, bidding adieu to old surfaces and welcoming fresh layers of asphalt.

From Milton Street to Goldsmith Street, these works aim to elevate driving experiences, particularly at night between 6.30 p.m. and 5 a.m., weather permitting.

Navigating the Changes

Motorists traversing affected routes should anticipate temporary diversions and increased activity.

Traffic control measures will guide the flow, ensuring safety and efficiency throughout the renovation process.

Adhering to on-site instructions and keeping streets clear of vehicles will facilitate the seamless execution of these essential enhancements.

A Pardon for Disruption

While progress comes with a bit of clamour from construction equipment, the council and Fulton Hogan extend their gratitude for the community’s patience and cooperation.

Understanding the inconveniences that accompany such necessary work, both parties strive to minimise disruption, recognising the long-term benefits these enhancements promise.

Driving Towards Tomorrow

As the region dons its roadwork attire this December, Mackay anticipates an improved travel landscape.

By embracing the short-term inconveniences with an eye on the long-term gains, residents and commuters can look forward to smoother, safer journeys along these revitalised routes.