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Mackay’s Proactive Approach: Safeguarding Our Coastal Communities

Mackay's Proactive Approach: Safeguarding Our Coastal Communities
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Identifying Risks and Embracing Solutions

Mackay, a coastal jewel, takes a proactive stance in safeguarding its shores against the pressing impacts of climate change.

The Council’s recent adoption of the Mackay Coast Our Future – Coastal Hazard Adaptation Study stands as a testament to the region’s commitment to preparedness.

Understanding the Study’s Focus

This comprehensive study meticulously delineates coastal hazards—eroding, flooding, and rising sea levels—that pose potential threats to the region.

Mayor Greg Williamson highlighted the study’s pivotal role in guiding land use planning and infrastructure investments.

It aims to shield the values entrenched in Mackay’s coastal areas while ensuring the community’s way of life remains unscathed.

Strategies and Inclusive Efforts

The study, a product of extensive community consultations, encapsulates diverse strategies, from groynes and seawalls to enhancing foreshore vegetation.

The emphasis lies on a shared comprehension and concerted effort to combat coastal hazards. Mayor Williamson stressed the necessity for community-wide preparedness to safeguard localities, cultural heritage, and coastal assets.

Encouraging Engagement

Residents keen on delving into the study can access it online, fostering transparency and community engagement in Mackay’s preparedness initiatives.

Funded under the QCoast2100 program in collaboration with the State Government and Local Government Association of Queensland, this study underscores a collaborative approach to fortify Mackay against coastal challenges.

Mackay’s foresight in embracing this proactive plan demonstrates its commitment to resilience and fortification. By understanding and adopting these measures, the community stands united, prepared to face the challenges posed by coastal hazards.

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