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Mackay’s Generosity Shines: St. Patrick’s College’s Remarkable Contribution

Mackay's Generosity Shines: St. Patrick's College's Remarkable Contribution
Image courtesy of Facebook | Mackay Hospital Foundation
In a heartwarming show of support, St. Patrick’s College Year 7–12 in Mackay has raised an impressive $4500 in aid of the Mackay Hospital Foundation (MHF). Throughout 2023, the dedicated Interact Committee orchestrated two successful fundraisers—a Krispy Crème Drive and a Mercy Day Pizzas event—to culminate in this significant donation.

Empowering Initiatives

The concerted efforts of the students and faculty at St. Patrick’s College exemplify the power of community-driven initiatives. Their commitment to making a tangible difference in healthcare is commendable.

Impactful Fundraisers

The two fundraisers, the Krispy Crème Drive and the Mercy Day Pizzas event were the cornerstones of this philanthropic endeavour. These initiatives not only showcased the creativity and dedication of the participants but also served as catalysts for rallying support for a noble cause.

Supporting Mackay’s Healthcare

This generous contribution significantly aids the Mackay Hospital Foundation in its mission to enhance healthcare services in the region.  The students and staff of St. Patrick’s College have played a pivotal role in bolstering healthcare resources and improving the lives of those in the Mackay community. This heartening gesture from St. Patrick’s College underscores the spirit of generosity and communal responsibility that resonates within Mackay.  It exemplifies the power of collective action towards a common goal and reinforces the strong ties between education, community, and healthcare in the Australian landscape. The Mackay Hospital Foundation extends its deepest gratitude to St. Patrick’s College for its unwavering support and proactive efforts in championing the cause of better healthcare for all. In the spirit of unity and generosity, this donation stands as a testament to the incredible impact that collective goodwill can achieve.