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Revolutionising Healthcare in Moranbah: A New Chapter

Revolutionising Healthcare in Moranbah: A New Chapter
Image courtesy of Mackay Hospital and Health Service

State-of-the-Art Facility Set to Transform Healthcare in Isaac Region

In a groundbreaking move set to redefine healthcare in Moranbah, the wheels have been set in motion for the construction of a new hospital. 

With a recent visit by Treasurer Cameron Dick marking the commencement of this ambitious project, anticipation is high for a healthcare evolution.

Unveiling the Vision

This cutting-edge facility is poised to supersede the existing hospital, promising a gamut of advancements.

Foremost, an augmented emergency department will ensure swift and efficient care for the community. 

Additionally, the inclusion of a CT scanner within an expanded imaging department signifies a leap forward in diagnostic capabilities.

Not stopping there, the incorporation of a helipad will streamline critical cases, ensuring rapid access to life-saving interventions.

A Holistic Approach to Care

One of the most compelling aspects of this venture is the consolidation of diverse services under a single roof.

From essential services like allied health, child health, and antenatal and postnatal care to the invaluable provision of mental health support, this facility is poised to cater comprehensively to the needs of the Isaac region.

Eager Anticipation for Completion

As excitement mounts, the projected completion by late 2024 stands as a beacon of hope.

The symbolic unity witnessed during the groundbreaking, with MHHS staff, executive members, Isaac councillors, and representatives from Hutchinson Builders, amplifies the collective eagerness for the imminent transformation.

A Vision Taking Shape

The Moranbah Hospital project signifies more than mere construction; it embodies a paradigm shift in healthcare for the region.

With enhanced resources and a unified approach to care, it heralds a new era in healthcare accessibility and quality for the residents of Moranbah and beyond.

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