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New $7.5m Heavy Automotive Training Facility Construction Commences in Mackay

New $7.5m Heavy Automotive Training Facility Construction Commences in Mackay
Image courtesy of Bill Jewell

State-of-the-Art Facility to Elevate Heavy Automotive Training in Mackay

The transformation of Mackay’s vocational landscape is underway as a state-of-the-art $7.5 million heavy automotive training facility takes shape at CQUniversity’s Ooralea campus.

This strategic initiative, backed by the Palaszczuk Government, is set to revolutionise local skill development, catering to the escalating demand for specialised training in the region.

Scheduled for completion by March 2024, this 1,610 sqm facility represents a monumental leap forward. Equipped with cutting-edge resources—an air brake simulator, hydraulic training stations, transmission simulators, and more—it’s poised to triple student capacity from 140 to over 400, a pivotal advancement that aligns with Mackay’s burgeoning industrial needs.

Impacting Lives and Industries

Minister Di Farmer underscores the tangible impact: “This facility not only fortifies the regional economy but underscores CQUniversity’s commitment to transforming lives through skills-based training.” 

Bolstering training capacity ensures a steady stream of proficient heavy automotive professionals, a linchpin in maintaining the region’s industrial momentum.

Member for Mackay, Julieanne Gilbert, emphasises the local benefits, highlighting the convenience for apprentices who will no longer endure lengthy commutes for mandatory training blocks.

The purpose-built space coupled with cutting-edge resources will not only elevate training quality but also accommodate a consistent 15% year-on-year student growth, responding dynamically to Mackay’s evolving industrial landscape.

A Catalyst for Progress

Peter Heilbuth, Deputy Vice-President at CQUniversity, expresses gratitude for the Queensland Government’s support, recognising the facility’s pivotal role in nurturing skilled trade professionals, vital for Mackay’s economic vibrancy.

Beyond its educational significance, the construction itself is a job creator, with up to 50 positions anticipated during its development, a testament to the project’s immediate impact on the local employment scene.

In essence, this facility isn’t just a structure; it’s a cornerstone for Mackay’s industrial growth, forging a path towards a more dynamic, skilled workforce. 

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