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Revamping Mackay’s River Street: Exploring Innovative Design Options

Revamping Mackay's River Street: Exploring Innovative Design Options
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Pause in Construction Opens Doors for Fresh Design Ideas

Construction on River Street’s iconic riverfront establishment has hit a temporary pause, marking an exciting turn in Mackay’s landscape.

The redevelopment of 8 River Street, initially set to revive the former Maria’s Donkey and Don Daniels restaurant sites has encountered a transformative moment.

A Constructive Pause

Woollam Constructions, tasked with breathing new life into this council-owned property, encountered unforeseen structural challenges during the refurbishment process.

Issues, from termite damage to foundational discrepancies, prompted a strategic pause in October, initiating a reassessment of design and construction methodologies.

A Strategic Rethink

Mayor Greg Williamson underlined the necessity of this pause, emphasising the commitment to deliver a contemporary, budget-aligned facility.

The aspiration remains steadfast: activating the River Wharves area, aligning with Federal Government funding prerequisites, and rejuvenating the Mackay Waterfront Priority Development Area.

The Vision Ahead

With a $3.7 million refurbishment contract and $4,125,629 million in combined local and federal funding, this temporary halt isn’t a setback; it’s an opportunity for innovation.

Mackay’s riverside precinct is poised for a transformation that marries modernity, functionality, and community needs.

This pause isn’t a stumbling block but a strategic pivot, ensuring the project aligns with the dynamic essence of Mackay’s evolving waterfront.