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Safe Smiles for Sports: Urgent Call for Mouthguard Awareness

Safe Smiles for Sports: Urgent Call for Mouthguard Awareness

As the 2024 rugby and football seasons approach, a crucial aspect of player safety is taking centre stage.

Shockingly, recent data reveals that a mere 36% of Australians equip themselves with mouthguards during contact sports, with an even smaller fraction bothering to wear them during training sessions.

The Silent Risks: Unveiling the Dangers of Unprotected Play

Players abstaining from mouthguards face severe consequences, including fractured teeth, broken jaws, and significant cuts to the tongue and lips.

Of particular concern are oral injuries in children, impacting speech and nutrition.

Dr. Cathryn Madden’s Expert Insight: Custom Fit, Maximum Protection

Leading the charge in oral health, Dr. Cathryn Madden, Head Dentist at Bupa Dental, advocates for custom-fitted mouthguards.

This tailored approach not only provides peace of mind for parents but also ensures that young athletes can extract the utmost enjoyment from their sporting experiences.

Avoiding Pitfalls: The Downside of Over-the-Counter Solutions

In the pursuit of safety, players often opt for over-the-counter, boil-and-bite mouthguards, unknowingly elevating their risk of injuries. 

Dr. Madden stresses the importance of professional fittings, highlighting the superior quality, comfort, and game-long security offered by local dentists.

Bupa Health Insurance Bonus: A No-Gap Experience for Members

Bupa Health Insurance members with eligible Extras coverage can rejoice, receiving exclusive benefits at participating Bupa Dental clinics.

A no-gap experience awaits those seeking standard-fitted mouthguards across the expansive national network of 148 practices.

A Growing Concern: Adapting Mouthguards to Growing Smiles

Dr. Madden’s cautionary advice reminds parents that a mouthguard fitted last year may no longer be suitable in 2024. A child’s mouth undergoes changes, necessitating regular dental check-ups to ensure continued protection as they grow and develop.

As the sporting season unfolds, the call for responsible oral health practices resonates—ensuring that every game is not just about winning but about safeguarding the well-being and smiles of our local athletes.

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