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Revolutionising Intersection Safety: Paradise and Webberley Streets

Revolutionising Intersection Safety: Paradise and Webberley Streets
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An Extensive Upgrade to Transform West Mackay’s Intersection

West Mackay is on the brink of a transformation, set to redefine safety and connectivity at the heart of the suburb.

Commencing early in 2024, a comprehensive upgrade at the intersection of Paradise and Webberley streets promises an extensive revamp.

Enhancing Safety and Connectivity

This ambitious project encompasses several vital enhancements:

  • Additional lanes facilitate smoother two-lane traffic flow in both north and south directions.
  • Signalization enables right turns from both Paradise Street and Webberley Street and vice versa.
  • Improved pedestrian access with signalised crossings.
  • Incorporation of a designated bike lane, prioritising sustainable transportation.
  • Pathway connectivity ensures seamless access to existing pathways and the bus stop.

Navigating Construction Challenges

To accommodate these enhancements, preparations will see the removal of some trees along Paradise Street, replaced by native species along the pathway.

Webberley Street will temporarily close between Paradise and Simpson Streets, with alternate routes provided.

Transit Adjustments and Considerations

Commuters using existing bus stops and routes along Paradise and Webberley streets will experience some changes.

Temporary bus stops, clearly signposted, will ensure uninterrupted service during construction.

Community Collaboration and Funding

Recognising potential inconveniences like noise and dust, the council seeks patience and cooperation from residents.

This significant endeavour is made possible through funding from the Queensland Government’s Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme, in conjunction with the Mackay Regional Council.

A New Era for West Mackay

The intersection upgrade marks a pivotal moment for West Mackay’s evolution, promising heightened safety, improved connectivity, and a modernised infrastructure.

Embracing these changes lays the foundation for a more vibrant and accessible community.