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Bringing Mackay’s Urban Canopy to Life: A Greening Christmas on Northern Beaches

Bringing Mackay's Urban Canopy to Life: A Greening Christmas on Northern Beaches

Transforming Streets and Lives with a Flourish of Green

Mackay’s Northern Beaches are in for an early Christmas treat, and it’s not just the residents putting up festive trees.

In a groundbreaking move, the council is set to plant 74 street trees along the picturesque Eimeo and Blacks Beach roads, marking the inception of the Mackay Urban Greening Strategy.

Rooted in Vision

This strategic initiative isn’t just about trees; it’s a visionary step towards cooler, greener, and more interconnected neighbourhoods.

Mayor Williamson emphasised the pressing need, highlighting how urban vegetation cover has dwindled, particularly in certain areas.

The overarching goal is ambitious yet essential: achieving 40% tree canopy coverage across pathways and parks by 2042. Currently, at less than 20%, this planting spree is a significant stride towards that lofty aim.

Shade, Serenity, and Sustainability

Beyond mere aesthetics, this project promises practical advantages. Increased tree coverage will gift residents ample shade, transforming mundane walks into pleasant strolls.

Mayor Williamson pointed out the impact on pedestrians’ experiences, envisioning enhanced access to schools and essential services via cooler, tree-lined footpaths.

Green Initiatives Beyond the Streets

But it doesn’t end there. For residents eager to contribute to the greening mission, the Gardens for Wildlife program offers a green thumb’s delight.

Enrollees can snag 10 free native plants to enrich their gardens, aligning their green ambitions with the city’s broader strategy.

A Canopy of Hope and Growth

As these trees take root, their impact will extend far beyond the streets they line.

They symbolise a commitment to a more sustainable, vibrant, and liveable Mackay. This inaugural planting embodies a collective step towards a greener future, a true gift that keeps on giving for generations to come.