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Record-Breaking Mackay Marina Run: A Community Triumph

Record-Breaking Mackay Marina Run: A Community Triumph
Image courtesy of Facebook | Mayor Greg Williamson

Mackay Celebrates Athletic and Community Spirit

Last weekend, the Mackay Marina Run achieved a historic milestone, selling out in all categories before the event even commenced.

More than 3600 participants laced up their running shoes, with over 600 competing in the half-marathon alone, setting a new participation record for the event.

Now in its 16th year, the Marina Run has consistently drawn both local and international attention, thanks to its strategic sponsorship by BMA since its inception.

A Gathering of Influential Sponsors

The Marina Run’s significance extends beyond the race itself, fostering crucial networking opportunities.

This year’s post-event dinner was a testament to this, attended by notable figures such as Kenichiro (Ken) Tauchi, Managing Director and CEO of Mitsubishi Development; Takashi Horie, CEO of Mitsubishi Development Australia; and Junta Matsui, Managing Director and CEO of Isuzu Utes Australia.

Their presence underscores the event’s role in spotlighting Mackay and enhancing its economic and social profile.

Mackay in the Global Spotlight

Mayor Greg Williamson, who assisted with the post-event presentations, lauded the Marina Run’s contribution to the community. “It highlights what a fantastic event the Marina Run is in terms of putting Mackay in the spotlight and assisting with networking opportunities,” he remarked.

The Mayor’s comments reflect the broader impact of the event on Mackay’s reputation, both locally and internationally.

An Ongoing Legacy

The Mackay Marina Run continues to be a beacon of community spirit and athletic prowess.

Its success this year reinforces its status as a premier event in the Australian running calendar, attracting participants and sponsors from across the globe.

As it moves forward, the Marina Run is set to maintain its legacy of excellence and community engagement.

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