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Fellowship ceremony welcomes new GPs in Mackay region

Fellowship ceremony welcomes new GPs in Mackay region
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Mackay recently celebrated a significant milestone with the induction of 20 new General Practitioners (GPs) into the Royal Australian College of GPs (RACGP) at a ceremony held in the city.

This marks a pivotal moment for these doctors, to recognise their qualifications and expertise as specialist GPs after around 11 years of education, training, and rigours assessment in primary care.

A Community Impact

The ceremony was led by Mackay GP and RACGP President Dr Nicole Higgins, who emphasised the critical role of having a regular GP in the community.

Dr Higgins highlighted the profound impact GPs have on the community’s health, stating, “The evidence shows that having a regular GP is better than any wonder drug.” With these new fellows entering the profession, communities in North Queensland stand to benefit immensely from their expertise.

A Unique Achievement

Earning the Fellowship of the RACGP (FRACGP) is no small feat. It represents years of dedicated study and practical experience.

Dr Cathryn Hester, RACGP Queensland Chair, spoke on the remarkable achievement of the new fellows, saying, “The award of Fellowship of the RACGP is an outstanding achievement in anyone’s terms.”

Supporting Rural Health

Four out of five rural GPs are RACGP members, underscoring the importance of this institution in supporting rural health.

The RACGP offers its Queensland members the unique opportunity to attend a standalone fellowship ceremony in regional locations like Mackay, which spares them from travelling to larger cities like Brisbane.

Future of Healthcare

These 20 new GPs bring hope and optimism for the future of healthcare in Mackay and beyond.

Their arrival underscores the need for continued government support to enable them to work efficiently and provide quality care to their patients.

With their in-depth knowledge and dedication, these new GPs are poised to make a significant impact on the well-being of their communities.