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Fuel for Thought: Elevating Aviation Safety in Mackay and Airlie Beach

Fuel for Thought: Elevating Aviation Safety in Mackay and Airlie Beach
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The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is set to host its latest pilot safety seminars in Mackay and Airlie Beach next week, offering an invaluable opportunity for pilots of all experience levels to enhance their skills and knowledge.

These seminars are a crucial part of CASA’s annual initiative, aimed at fostering a safer flying environment across Australia.

Enhancing Decision-Making and Safety

CASA’s seminars are designed to help pilots make sound decisions and operate safely by addressing key issues such as fuel exhaustion, decision-making, and general competency rules.

Aviation Safety Advisor Craig Peterson emphasises that these sessions benefit from a diverse range of participants, from novices to seasoned pilots. “Our seminar feedback shows pilots get more out of a session when there is a range of experience in the room and lots of discussion because it is our shared knowledge that creates a safer environment for everyone,” Peterson notes.

Real-World Case Studies and Local Issues

A unique aspect of these seminars is the use of real-world case studies, which help illustrate potential pitfalls and strategies for risk mitigation.

This practical approach not only prepares pilots for potential challenges but also fosters a collaborative environment where local safety issues can be discussed openly with CASA’s safety advisors and fellow pilots.

Upcoming Seminars in Mackay and Airlie Beach

The Mackay seminar will take place on Monday, 20 May 2024, from 6-8 pm at the Mackay Aero Club.

The Airlie Beach seminar will follow on Tuesday, 21 May, from 6-8 pm at Whitsunday Airport. Pilots interested in participating are encouraged to book online for these vital “Fuel for Thought” sessions, which promise to enhance aviation safety through shared knowledge and experience.

These events are a significant opportunity for pilots to contribute to and benefit from a culture of safety in aviation, ensuring that every flight decision is well-informed and every journey is safer for all.

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