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Mackay Airport Brightens Christmas for Local Charities

Mackay Airport Brightens Christmas for Local Charities
Image courtesy of LinkedIn | Mackay Airport

Supporting Community Heroes During the Festive Season

Mackay Airport has unveiled a heartwarming initiative, the ‘Mackay Airport Making Christmas a Little Brighter’ campaign, dedicated to uplifting local charitable organisations.

A Festive Gesture: $10,000 for Local Charities

With a generous allocation of $10,000, this campaign is set to benefit smaller charities and not-for-profit groups, aiming to make a significant impact in the community.

Making a Meaningful Difference

Ahead of the Christmas period, five deserving groups will each receive $2,000, thanks to this initiative.

The airport authorities have called upon the community to nominate worthy organisations through a simple online form by December 14, enabling locals to play an active role in this noble cause.

Empowering Change: $2,000 Each for Five Worthy Causes

Adrian Miles, Head of Operations at Mackay Airport, highlighted the importance of supporting lesser-known charities, often overshadowed during the bustling holiday season.

He emphasised the pivotal role these smaller organisations play in enhancing lives within the region.

Nominations Open, Community Power Unleashed

These groups undertake crucial work that profoundly impacts people’s lives. A contribution to these organisations can significantly bolster their resources, allowing them to extend their services to more individuals in need,” remarked Miles, underscoring the transformative effect these donations can have on the community’s well-being.

Championing Unsung Heroes: Recognising Vital Contributions

This initiative resonates deeply with Mackay’s spirit, reflecting the airport’s commitment to bolstering local communities and shining a light on the invaluable contributions of these unsung heroes.

Amplifying Impact, Extending Reach

In a time when generosity and kindness are especially crucial, the ‘Making Christmas a Little Brighter‘ campaign stands as a beacon of hope, uniting the community in a shared goal of supporting those who tirelessly serve others.