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Mackay’s Sustainable Soar: Airports Paving the Way for Clean Energy

Mackay's Sustainable Soar: Airports Paving the Way for Clean Energy
Image courtesy of LinkedIn | Mackay Airport

Queensland’s Mackay and Cairns airports, operated by the North Queensland Airport Group, have joined forces with CleanCo in a groundbreaking initiative to power 100% of their land operations with renewable energy by 2025.

This bold move is part of the Miles Government’s commitment to bolster the Far North’s standing as the ultimate destination for eco-conscious travellers.

A Pioneering Partnership for a Greener Tomorrow

In an unprecedented collaboration between CleanCo and the North Queensland Airport Group, Cairns and Mackay airports are set to be powered exclusively by renewable energy from the local Kaban Wind Farm near Ravenshoe.

This landmark agreement not only secures the region’s position as a sustainable tourism hotspot but also protects jobs, stimulates economic growth, and preserves the natural beauty of North Queensland.

Economic Boost and Job Security

As a major employer in the area, the North Queensland Airport Group, with over 130 employees across Cairns and Mackay airports, plays a pivotal role in supporting local tourism jobs and economic growth.

The partnership also ensures ongoing employment at the Kaban Wind Farm, which employed 350 workers during peak construction.

Government Commitment to Climate Action

Minister for Energy and Clean Economy Jobs, Mick de Brenni, affirms the government’s dedication to a low-emissions economy, stating, “The Miles Government is working hard to protect the wildlife and world-renowned ecosystems of the Far North.” 

The commitment aligns with the government’s goal of achieving a 75% reduction in emissions by 2035.

Tourism Thrives on Sustainability

Michael Healy, Minister for Tourism, emphasises the global desire for sustainable tourism experiences.

The partnership positions Queensland as a world leader in the sector, aligning with a 10-year tourism industry strategy to double the state’s visitor economy to $44 billion by 2032.

A Clear Vision for the Future

North Queensland Airports CEO, Richard Barker, stresses the responsibility to actively protect the environment.

The commitment to Net Zero emissions by 2025 makes the airports among the first carbon-neutral airports in Australasia, setting a clear vision for the future.

Community Support for Climate-Positive Measures

Jacinta Reddan, CEO of Advance Cairns, commends the proactive climate-positive measures, stating, “North Queensland Airports’ investment in renewable energy demonstrates a clear vision for the future.”

The region’s commitment to sustainability ensures long-term growth and economic prosperity, emphasising the vital role played by Mackay and Cairns airports in shaping a greener tomorrow.