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Mackay’s Young Cricket Champion Shines on the World Stage

Mackay's Young Cricket Champion Shines on the World Stage
Image courtesy of Facebook | Keeva Mohan

The Rise of a Local Star

Mackay is proud to celebrate Keeva Mohan, a young cricket champion whose journey in the sport has been marked by dedication and outstanding achievements.

Keeva’s story is not just about personal success but also highlights the supportive community of Mackay and the opportunities available to young athletes.

From Local Fields to Global Arenas

Keeva’s cricketing journey began at a young age, playing outdoor cricket for nine years and indoor cricket intermittently for about four years. Her talent was evident early on, making regional representative teams in both club and school sports competitions since the age of 12.

Despite setbacks due to COVID-19, which saw her first Queensland indoor cricket team selection cancelled in 2020 and no selections in 2021, Keeva’s determination remained unshaken.

A Champion Emerges

Keeva’s perseverance paid off when the Queensland girls’ team became back-to-back national champions in 2022 and 2023. Her exceptional performance earned her a place in the Australian U18 girls team, competing in Dubai as a wicketkeeper.

The Australian girls clinched the grand final against New Zealand, crowning Keeva a world champion.

Community Support and Future Prospects

The Magpies Community Grant has been instrumental in supporting Keeva’s aspirations. This grant helped her family cover expenses related to the World Series, including travel, accommodation, and apparel.

Keeva’s achievements reflect the potential of Mackay’s young athletes and the importance of community support in realising these dreams. Mackay looks forward to Keeva’s future endeavours in cricket and the continued success she will bring to the region.

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