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New Era in Australian Mining: Olive Downs Complex Opens

New Era in Australian Mining: Olive Downs Complex Opens
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Revolutionising Queensland’s Economy and Environmental Standards

In a milestone for Australia’s mining sector, Pembroke Resources has inaugurated the Olive Downs Complex, marking the dawn of a new era in sustainable steelmaking coal production.

Nestled in Queensland’s Bowen Basin, this cutting-edge facility promises not only economic prosperity but also a paradigm shift towards environmental stewardship.

Economic Boost and Job Creation

The Olive Downs Mine has already become a beacon of employment, generating 700 construction jobs and 600 operational positions in its initial phase.

With projections of over $10 billion in royalties to the Queensland Government over its lifespan, the mine is set to fortify essential services and infrastructure statewide.

Sustainability at its Core

Beyond the economic impact, the Olive Downs Complex pioneers environmental excellence. Spanning 20,000 hectares, it hosts designated conservation zones and innovative initiatives like a solar farm.

The mine’s commitment to ecological preservation extends to a specialised clinic for koalas and greater gliders, showcasing a proactive approach to biodiversity conservation.

Industry-Leading Practices

Pembroke Resources’ Chairman and CEO, Barry Tudor, underscores the company’s dedication to surpassing contemporary standards.

From pioneering autonomous mining technologies to implementing stringent vegetation-clearing protocols, the Olive Downs Complex sets a new benchmark for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance.

Facts and Figures

The scale of investment is staggering, with over $1 billion injected into project acquisition and development.

Moreover, more than $60 million has been channelled into local and regional businesses, fostering economic resilience in surrounding communities.

Looking Ahead

As demand for its high-quality coal surges, the Olive Downs Complex eyes expansion to double production.

Pembroke Resources remains steadfast in its commitment to collaboration with local stakeholders, ensuring sustainable economic growth and community empowerment for years to come.

Amidst global transitions towards sustainability, the Olive Downs Complex stands as a shining example of responsible resource development, poised to leave a lasting legacy on Australia’s mining landscape.

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