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Queensland’s Historic Investment in Youth Mental Health Services

Queensland's Historic Investment in Youth Mental Health Services

Unprecedented Funding Boost

In a landmark move, the Miles Government is injecting a staggering $330 million into child and youth mental health and alcohol and other drug services, marking the largest investment of its kind in Queensland’s history.

Spearheaded by the Honourable Shannon Fentiman, Minister for Health, Mental Health, and Ambulance Services, this financial injection underscores an unwavering commitment to the mental well-being of Queensland’s youth.

Specialist Support for Young Minds

A substantial portion of the funds, approximately $68 million, is earmarked to strengthen specialist mental health support for young Queenslanders.

This significant investment is breathing life into new and expanded Child and Youth Acute Response Teams across 12 hospitals and health services (HHSs).

These teams are strategically placed, including in the Darling Downs, Metro North, and Townsville HHSs, ensuring a comprehensive network of support across the state.

There are also existing teams operating in Central Queensland, Mackay, Metro South and Children’s Health Queensland HHSs.

Strengthening the Frontline

The additional $67.8 million directed towards creating and enhancing these response teams not only establishes new positions but also expands existing ones, ensuring a robust workforce of 76 full-time positions.

This surge in skilled professionals is geared towards providing rapid response, assessment, and community follow-up for young people up to 18 years old, enhancing the overall mental health infrastructure.

A Vital Step Forward

This monumental investment is a pivotal aspect of the Miles government’s ambitious $1.645 billion Better Care Together Plan. Minister Fentiman emphasises, “This is the biggest investment in youth mental health and alcohol and other drug services by any government.

The government’s commitment is clear – addressing the pressing issue of youth suicide, the leading cause of death for young Australians.

This financial injection not only ensures immediate relief during crises but also lays the groundwork for resilient and positive mental health outcomes for Queensland’s youth.

The state is taking a giant leap towards fostering a brighter future for its young population, demonstrating that compassionate mental health care is a priority.

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