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The Salvation Army’s 60th Red Shield Appeal

The Salvation Army's 60th Red Shield Appeal
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As the chill of autumn sets in, so does the urgency to support those in need within our local community. The Salvation Army in Central Queensland is rallying the neighbourhood for their 60th Red Shield Appeal, aiming to raise essential funds to aid the most vulnerable amongst us.

A Legacy of Support

Celebrating six decades of unwavering service, the Red Shield Appeal stands as Australia’s largest and most enduring door-knock fundraiser. Nationally, the Salvation Army aims to secure $38 million to sustain its critical initiatives.

Local Impact, National Reach

Amidst rising hardships, the Salvos, with their network of over 400 centres and 2,000 services, provided aid to over 250,000 individuals last year. Astonishingly, that’s assistance every 17 seconds, encompassing vital services from homelessness support to youth rehabilitation.

Join the Ranks

From bustling shopping centres to tranquil neighbourhoods, there are myriad ways to get involved. Whether through door-knocking, online fundraising, or organising workplace collections, every effort counts. Simon Gregory of The Salvation Army emphasises the importance of community involvement: “There is no better way to support your community than through volunteering.”

A Call to Arms

The Red Shield Appeal weekend on May 25th and 26th marks a pivotal moment, yet opportunities for involvement abound throughout May. Local donations remain within the community, ensuring direct aid to those who need it most.

How to get involved

In this season of giving, let’s heed the call to support our neighbours. With the Salvation Army at the forefront, let’s stand together, ensuring that our community remains a place of warmth and support for all. To contribute or volunteer, visit or call 13 SALVOS. Together, let’s make a difference that resonates for generations to come.