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Understanding Metastatic Breast Cancer: A New Media Guide

Understanding Metastatic Breast Cancer: A New Media Guide
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Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) has released a comprehensive media guide to improve the discourse surrounding metastatic breast cancer. This guide is an essential resource for journalists and content creators, promoting accurate and sensitive coverage of this life-limiting disease.

A Crucial Conversation

Metastatic breast cancer (MBC) is an advanced stage where cancer has spread beyond the breast to other parts of the body, including bones, lungs, liver, or brain.

Unlike early breast cancer, MBC is currently incurable and is the only stage that can be fatal. Estimates suggest that at least 15,000 Australians live with metastatic breast cancer, highlighting the importance of informed and respectful reporting on this condition.

The Power of Language

Vicki Durston, BCNA’s Director of Policy, Advocacy, and Support Services, emphasises the importance of language in media coverage. “Increased awareness and understanding of metastatic breast cancer can drive better treatment and care,” she explains.

However, inappropriate language can inadvertently offend or misrepresent the experiences of those living with MBC. The new guide provides preferred terms and phrases, helping journalists navigate these nuances and deliver more empathetic and accurate stories.

Empowering Voices

The guide was developed with insights from BCNA’s Metastatic Breast Cancer Lived Experience Reference Group, ensuring it reflects the real-world experiences of those affected. Mieka, a member of this group, stresses the urgency of raising awareness and improving the lives of people with MBC.

“It is critical we hear directly from those living with metastatic breast cancer and work urgently to prevent deaths from breast cancer,” she advocates.

Australian Context

For Australians, understanding metastatic breast cancer is vital. With thousands of individuals affected, there is a growing need for media to engage with this topic thoughtfully.

BCNA’s media guide is a step towards achieving this, aiming to foster a more informed and compassionate public dialogue.

As we navigate the complexities of metastatic breast cancer, using the right language and spreading awareness can make a significant difference in the lives of many Australians.

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